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Your donations at work!

Exciting news for our Dickerson community!

Your dollars at work!!

Thanks to your generous donations this summer and fall, the Foundation is thrilled to announce several new additions coming to the Dickerson Middle School campus.

A brand new 20’ x 20’ shade will be installed near the basketball court between the track and lacrosse fields, replacing the wooden pergola that was rotting and falling apart. In place of the splintered wooden benches surrounding the track, 5 new benches with Dickerson branding and 3 smaller shades for those benches are coming. Wait, wait! There’s more! New picnic tables are coming too, which will provide years of outdoor learning and eating opportunities for our students.

If you like what your Foundation has done and are excited to see what else is in the pipeline for our amazing school, you and your students have another exciting opportunity coming up…

Get ready for the COLOR BATTLE coming next week! Stay tuned for details on this super fun, student-driven fundraiser. Remember, all funds raised by the Foundation will be poured right back into our school. Kids will have a blast AND the Foundation will continue to fund critical learning and infrastructure enhancements to our award-winning school!


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