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ELA Teachers love Foundation-Funded MI Write

Did you know your Foundation donations fund programs like MI Write? Please donate today at

Here's more about this wonderful resource from 8th grade ELA teacher Jennifer Attard:

Our Dickerson teachers are extremely thankful to the Foundation for their donation of the MI Write program. MI Write is a program that gives students instantaneous feedback on their writing skills. It has revolutionized our abilities to help students individually on their personal writing growth and help them become stronger writers because good writing comes from re-writing. Students are given on-the-spot, immediate feedback on any writing assignment. Students are able to submit drafts for feedback in the areas of: ideas, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions. The feedback is individualized for each student's individual writing performance and provides lessons and skill tutorials to help improve writing and help them set personal goals and work to achieve them. MI Write helps teachers have meaningful writing-conferences with students since each student has multiple opportunities of feedback even before a teacher is able to see a writing piece.

Let the data speak! Since August 2023, Dickerson students have written 1,612 writing drafts with an average of 5.3 drafts per writing piece. Also, students have spent an average of 5 hours strengthening their writing with individualized lessons and skill building exercises.

Last school year, our students wrote 32,896 drafts to improve their writing using MI Write!

- Jennifer Attard, 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher, ELA & Reading Department Coordinator


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