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Foundation Projects

The DMS Foundation invests in a variety of projects, from the new track and outdoor classroom to laptop carts and MACs and hardware for the new STEAM lab.  We recently funded sending

10 teachers, administrators, and staff to the Professional Learning Communities at Work conference.  For the 2022-2023 school year, we will continue to fund subscriptions for MI Write & Membean and are currently researching 3D printers and VR equipment with the help of the Walton Science Department. Plus, we have more campus improvements on the agenda, like new basketball hoops. We are committed to providing the resources for Dickerson to reach its highest educational goals. Please see pictures below for recent investments. Thanks for your support!

MACs and Hardware for New STEAM Lab

Water Fillers 


Satellite Clocks

Outdoor Classroom and Shades 
Student Laptop Carts 
Classroom Technology in use
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