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Update on the Color Battle

Good morning Dickerson Community! So, our Color Battle Fundraiser sponsored by the Dickerson Foundation is coming to an end! Our Color Battle Event was supposed to happen tomorrow, November 5th, but with the Braves celebrations taking place on Friday, we won’t be able to host it. We are looking into a makeup date as soon as possible, so our students can be rightfully awarded for all the hard work they’ve put into making this Fundraising successful. Although the Color Battle Event will have to be postponed, today is the last day for students to raise at least $30 to help out the school, earn cool prizes and participate in the games. We are close to reaching our financial goal of $100,000, so the Foundation can continue to provide amazing resources & incredible support to all our students & staff. If we do reach such a goal, students are aware of a couple of challenges that I agreed to do. It will be lots of fun, so please ask your student about it. If you have donated already, we greatly appreciate your continued support. If you would like to contribute and help our school, please visit: By clicking the orange “DONATE NOW” button, you will go to the donation center. There you will have the option to select your student for the donation to count towards him/her. The cut-off time for donations is midnight tonight. As soon as we have a confirmed new date for the Color Battle Event, we will reach out to the community and let the students know.


Mr. Adam Hill, Principal


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