Monday, 26 of June of 2017

2016 Fundraising Goals


The Dickerson Foundation’s mission is to be where Innovation and Education Collide!  Join the Collision!

The Foundation’s 2016-2017 fundraising goal is $100,000.
This is a much larger objective than previous years and we need YOUR help.

The Foundation will remain focused on key strategic learning and technological investments that will immediately improve our children’s education.



  • Investment in Learning Commons
  • Investment in STEAM Sound Engineering Class
  • Two Additional Laptop Carts – each cart costs $30,000 and will allow each grade to have a dedicated cart.
  • Before School Study Hall Monitor – giving all students the option to drop off as early as 8am to attend intramurals, clubs and study/help sessions. This resource is unique to Dickerson and will not be available if funds are not available.


These investments require the full support of our community.

Join the Collision! with a recommended minimum donation of $150.

The Foundation offers a unique opportunity to our Dickerson community to make a direct investment in the school, and our children.  One hundred percent of your tax-deductible donation will go directly to these key projects that will pay BIG dividends for our students.

The Board of Directors thanks you for your support.