Thursday, 17 of August of 2017


… and I saw Bill Nye the Science Guy!
— Kimberly Tuttle

20150313_131546 Attending the National Science Teachers Association conference in Chicago easily exceeded any expectations I had before going.  The energy was so inspiring in the exhibition hall and the sessions reignited my passion for science and teaching.  I learned an incredible amount about the newest technology to use with my students and I have already been able to use some of it in my classroom.
An assessment “game” called Kahoot has already been an instant hit in class this week!  I can’t wait for the students to use a NASA Jet Propulsion Lab app called Spacecraft 3D.  It’s an augmented reality program that will let them interact with spacecraft that are used to explore the solar system and universe. Being at this conference truly inspired me to continue growing professionally while nurturing what I already love about teaching.  I am endlessly grateful to the DMS Foundation for sending me on this adventure! 20150312_153422


photo (4)In 2014, each classroom teacher received a $50 gift card from the Foundation to purchase supplies and resources. If your child has taken advantage of the early morning study hall, played on our gym floor or had an I-pad lesson, she or he has experienced just a tiny glimpse of the benefits of supporting our Foundation. There is much we can do for OUR school – with YOUR support. 

“The teachers are over the moon about the gift cards.  What a huge morale booster!  Thank you for approving this idea.” — Kimberly Tuttle


“I teach Social Studies so I always need extra glue sticks and colored pencils for students…” —  Karen Humphreys

“There is always something I need for my classroom and/or for my students, so I’m very thankful for your thoughtfulness.” — Christy Sheridan



Dickerson Middle School Opens 2014-15 School Year with New Gym Floor!! 

Thanks to the generous support from our families, the DMS Foundation approved a grant request in May 2014 to finance the refurbishment  of the gym floor.

As seen in the “before” pictures, the old floor not only looked bad, but was hazardous to our students with uneven patches, wax stripped off, etc.

 443  445

The work was completed at the beginning of July and the new floor looks amazing as you can see in the “after” pictures!

 New gym floor one 014  New gym floor one 002

The Foundation is pleased to be able to fully fund this grant request of nearly $14,000 from the PE staff which impacts every student at DMS and which greatly improves our campus facilities – one of the primary tenets of the DMSF mission. In light of the Cobb County School Board’s vote to purchase math textbooks at the June 11 Board of Education meeting, the Foundation will re-evaluate its previous decision to purchase math resources for our DMS students. The Foundation Board is excited about the opportunity to meet other needs of our school community.



photo (4)Thanks to your generous support, the school has ordered 30 Ipads with a cart and cases for classroom use.  We look forward to receiving feedback from the teachers on this pilot program.

Additionally, the Foundation is now able to sponsor the “before school” study hall.  Foundation funds will pay for the teacher to supervise the students and continue this service.


What the students are saying about our new iPads…

“They make school cooler and more modern.”

“They help us use resources that are more updated than our books.”

“We’re doing more research now with the iPads.”

“They are helpful so people can work at their own pace.”

“At this time of the year, teachers and students are working overtime to squeeze in every second of time we can possibly manage to meet our goals and objectives.  My students were embarking on a persuasive paragraph that needed to include Ethos, Pathos and Logos. (Facts, Credibility and Emotion.) A summary, if you will, of much that we have been working on this year.  The I-Pad cart purchased with funds from the Dickerson Foundation was a powerful tool to help my small group achieve this goal.  As the cart rolled in, the excitement was electric.  They listened to the guidelines for usage, and signed their I-pad out with care.  The most important point is that they worked quietly and were engaged for two class periods to uncover facts, promotional material and required information to create their persuasive paragraphs.  They loved the speed with which the I-pad carried them to their research destination and they completed their assignments with pride and a great sense of accomplishment.  Thank you for your contribution to learning at Dickerson.” —   Judy Elwood- 7th Grade IRR Language Arts