Thursday, 17 of August of 2017


The Foundation invests in your child’s success at Dickerson by:

  • employing the Before School Study Hall Monitor – gives all students the option of 8 a.m. drop off to attend intramurals, clubs, and study/help sessions.  This resource is unique to Dickerson and will not be offered if funding is not available; 
  • purchasing one additional laptop cart;
  • investing in Learning Commons; and 
  • investing in STEAM Sound Engineering Class.

The Foundation allows Dickerson families and the community to invest directly into their students’ education. 

The donations are tax deductible, and 100% of the funds raised go directly into key strategic investments for immediate impact.



President: Jim Reed
Vice President: Kevin Murray
Treasurer: Kristin Erno
Secretary: Kim Wimberly
Board Members:  Jennifer Adams, Laurie Simons
Faculty: Dr. Carole Brink, Ms. Barbara Rothschild, Ms. Kimberly Tuttle, Ms. Kristin Crain


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